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We began with a printed t-shirt business, expanded into an embroidered business, and now, instead of ordering our printed t-shirts from a third party like we once did, we now provide heat-pressed designing and services. We produce goods for both you, the individual or your company. Our costs are comparably cheap because we are a small home-based company. We offer services to large and small orders for heat pressing and embroidery. Moreover, we sell ready-made embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, heat-pressed t-shirts with more choices of products being added all the time

We Are Your Favorite, Online Store.

Besides finding useful, but practical products and then offering them in the store.

We’re in a constant state of finding modern techniques to produce the best quality products and services to offer you. Creating and offering the most beautiful and attractive yet some humorous designs for your enjoyment on a wide selection of useful products.

We Can Custom Design Your Ideas

We’ll generate your ideas & picture files to your satisfaction.

Returns - Refunds

Guaranteed that if you're not happy with the product, you are entitled to a refund. Please see our return policy.

Packaging & Shipping

Depending on quantity and type of items in the order. Apparel and flat products are basically shipped in either a padded envelope or box. Other items like stuffed animals, wood signs, and accessories will be boxed.

Site Security

Besides encryption, our site runs through a daily thorough virus detection system.

Get Best Customized Designs!

Meet Our Creative Team

Wendy Lee

Creative Head

Lee Stoner

Marketing Head

Monica Gala

Graphic Designer

Best Quality Printed or Embroidered Apparel and Designable Products at Affordable Price!

Left at stumper and don’t know where to start? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it out. We have lots of images and fonts to choose from.

Our site address should have the lock in the locked or closed position. If it’s not, please let us know.

We do offer discounts and coupons weekly, not every day, that’s overbearing.

Specific Shipping


We currently ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and the lower 48 states.

Best Quality

The best quality of various products and blanks (products ready for print or embroidery), we offer to you. We’re very meticulous in the printing and embroidery processes.

Best Offers

We research into various products pricing and pass that onto you while keeping our profits low as we can go.

Secure Payments

Our site address should have the lock in the locked or closed position. If it's not, please let us know.

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